A story about Silicon Valley’s unlikely king
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This week, with the help of Andrea Solomonides, co-founder of Black Lemon TV and partner at Giraffes in the Kitchen, we unravel the complex legacy of Peter Thiel and the PayPal Mafia in Silicon Valley. 

In the opening segment of this two-part series, we introduce you to the legendary Paypal Mafia. Coined in a 2007 article, they are depicted as a "hyperintelligent, superconnected pack of serial entrepreneurs" who emerged from the ranks of the pioneering payment service, PayPal, and after leaving Paypal they founded, funded, and led some of the most influential tech companies of our time, cementing their status as icons of entrepreneurial prowess. In the process, they reshaped the landscape of Silicon Valley forever. We then focus on the "Don" of this group, Peter Thiel, tracing his upbringing and his early years as a conservative libertarian student at the liberal Stanford University.