The story of the OpenAI and Sam Altman's firing
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I asked ChatGPT to write me a summary for this episode. Here is what ChatGPT has to say:

🤣 Grab your popcorn, folks! In this week's episode, we dive into the wild world of corporate chaos as we dissect the hilariously amateur firing of a CEO by a board of directors who clearly missed the memo on professionalism!

🕵️‍♂️ Picture this: A boardroom full of directors armed with rubber chickens instead of stern faces, attempting to maintain a sense of gravitas as they bid farewell to their now ex-CEO. The firing script? More cringe-worthy than your awkward teenage years.

💼 From firing the CEO over Google Meet after receiving 13 billion dollars in investment from Microsoft to declaring a game of musical chairs as the official method for executive decision-making, this board of directors takes the term "amateur" to a whole new level.

📈 Despite the chaos, Michalis and I try to find some silver lining in the situation. Spoiler alert: There isn't much silver, but there is a surplus of laughter.

🎪 #CEOChaos #BoardroomBloopers #FiredWithFlair

P.S. I didn't tell it that the CEO is Sam 😰 😱