The story of the most powerful journalist in Silicon Valley
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In this episode, I am joined by Alexander Davidian, an insightful observer of the Cypriot startup scene. Together, we unpack the no-holds-barred narrative of Kara Swisher in her latest book, "Burn Book". We dive into Kara's fearless world, discussing her unique style that combines tough questioning with biting humor. From an aspiring CIA operative to tech journalism’s most potent force, they explore Kara’s evolution and her revelations about Silicon Valley's tech bros. This episode is more than just a book review; it's a recognition of Swisher's role in holding tech titans to account, her razor-sharp predictions, and her ability to secure groundbreaking interviews. 

If the episode leaves you wanting more then buy the book, follow Kara on X, and tune in to listen to her 2 podcasts, Pivot and On with Kara Swisher.

The full interview that Steve Jobs & Bill Gates gave together

The Time's cover with Marc Andreessen discussed in the episode

The clip from "Silicon Valley" we discussed in the episode