Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley: Entrepreneur, tech visionary, pioneer, leader, refugee, philanthropist
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This week I am joined by Eleni, to tell her about Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley. Back in 1962, Stephanie Shirley conceived an audacious idea: to establish a company exclusively focused on software development with an all-female workforce operating from the comfort of their homes. Many scoffed at her plan, but as history unfolded, Stephanie had the ultimate vindication. By the turn of the millennium, her company had achieved a staggering valuation of $3 billion and provided employment to a workforce of 8,500 individuals.

You can buy Steve's autobiography from here.
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The document that permitted entry to 5-year-old Vera Buchthal in England

Steve with her son Giles

Steve with Margaret Thatcher

Steve with Queen Elizabeth II